Project books for second year submission, each one of the books shows the progression and progress of each of the different projects whilst also relating back to the project itself.
I wanted each of the books to fit together as a series but still also have their different individualities relating back to the different projects. Each of the covers is foil blocked with my signature, branding them all, with a cover that has a rubber like texture, making them interesting to touch.
Each of the papers used within the book are relative to the different stages of the projects: yellow is used for the early research stages, cream used for initial stages of development, off white cartridge used for refinements and Accent Smooth from G.F. Smith for the final stages of the project and pages printed in colour. Each one of these varies in both texture and colour, changing the pace of the different books. 
Title pages to separate out these different stages of the project. These are all relevant back to the project itself.
Layouts to highlight different parts of the project and inserts to highlight annotations.
When appropriate, I used live prints (e.g letterpress prints) to give a more interactive and tactile feel to the books.
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